TKR6553X-Adjustable Ackermann Spindles (L/R, EB/ET410)

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Improve the handling of your EB410 or ET410 series vehicles with these new Adjustable Ackermann Spindles. When used with the TKR6669A-D spindle arms, additional Ackermann positions are available that boost low-speed steering and provide a more direct and linear feel throughout the wheel travel. These new spindles allow less overall Ackermann than is possible by moving the steering link on the bellcranks. They are a direct replacement for TKR6553 and are compatible with all stub axles, universals, and spindle carriers for the EB410 and ET410 vehicles. Spindle Arms and M3x10 screws are not included.


4ea M3x10 Button Head Screws (TKR1403)


And at least one of the following:


TKR6669A – Spindle Arms (L/R, EB/ET410, requires TKR6553X, Type A)

TKR6669B – Spindle Arms (L/R, EB/ET410, requires TKR6553X, Type B)

TKR6669C – Spindle Arms (L/R, EB/ET410, requires TKR6553X, Type C)

TKR6669D – Spindle Arms (L/R, EB/ET410, requires TKR6553X, Type D)

Buggy Wheel Compatibility

Both Associated and Losi offset 1/10th scale Buggy wheels are compatible.

Truck Wheel Compatibility

Associated offset 1/10th scale Stadium Truck wheels and Traxxas Slash SC offset (front or rear) wheels are compatible. Losi offset wheels are not compatible.