TKR9501 – MT410 2.0 1/10th Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck Kit

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Product Description

Please see the resources tab for list of compatible bodies, wheels and motors.

Complementing the larger MT410, which has dominated the pro-basher market for almost seven years, the MT410 2.0 is tailored for consumers seeking a true-to-scale 1/10th monster truck that excels in durability and stunt capabilities. Designed as a smaller sibling to the original MT410, the MT410 2.0 promises a level of performance and toughness that sets it apart in the world of remote-controlled vehicles.

Crafting the MT410 2.0 was no small feat, as it demanded meticulous attention to detail. The result is a vehicle that offers exceptional value through its durability, capable of withstanding punishing bash sessions. High-quality aluminum, steel, and nylon components, someoffered as upgrades by other manufacturers, come standard, ensuring longevity and reliability. With only a few part changes, the MT410 2.0 can convert into an SCT410 2.0, showcasing its versatility.

The MT410 2.0 places a strong emphasis on durability and drivetrain strength, supporting 2s to 4s power compatibility out of the box. Hardened steel components, including universal driveshafts, outdrives, and axles, provide robust performance. The kit’s construction promises a smooth, consistent, and relatively maintenance-free experience, aligning with Tekno RC’s commitment to delivering top-tier products.

Drawing inspiration from the highly successful SCT410 2.0, the MT410 2.0 inherits key design features, including new bulkheads, internal differential gears, suspension geometry, and shock towers. The hybrid ABCD blocks, spindle carriers, rear hubs, motor mount, and steering system showcase Tekno RC’s dedication to simplicity and toughness. The MT410 2.0 is engineered with fully captured hinge pins, new body mount bases, and an innovative ESC tray for easy electronics installation.

Differentiating itself from the SCT410 2.0, the MT410 2.0 boasts specific features tailored for monster truck enthusiasts. A shortened wheelbase, a new center rear dog-bone, and a 24mm shorter chassis contribute to a more compact, stunt-focused design. The inclusion of a wheelie bar to protect the rear bumper and body, new body posts supporting true-to-scale bodies, and an optional tower-to-tower chassis brace further enhance the MT410 2.0’s aesthetics, capabilities and durability.

Please see the resources tab for list of compatible bodies, wheels and motors.

MT410 2.0 Key Features
  • 4mm Black Anodized Long Wear Chassis
  • 3 Fluid Filled Adjustable Lightweight Differentials
  • Hybrid Hinge Pin Blocks with Integrated Steel Braces
  • CNC 7075 One-Piece Motor Mount w/ Preset Gearing Options
  • 13mm Big Bore Shocks w/ 16mm Spring Options
  • Beefy 4mm 7075 Shock Towers w/ Integrated Braces
  • Accommodates Standard 2S or Larger 3/4S Battery Packs
  • Hardened Steel Drivetrain is 1/8th Power System Ready
  • HD Bumpers, Wheelie Bar, and Body Mounts
  • Compatible w/ Many EB/NB48 2.x Parts and Options

MT410 2.0 Motor Chart

1/10 SC 36mm 52-68mm -passt  ohne Umbauten
1/10 SC 36mm 68-76mm -passt- Ein Teil der ECS Halteplatte muss evt. angepasst werden-Größe des ESC beachten!

1/8th buggy 42mm 66-70mm -passt- Minimum 14 er Motorritzel um zu verhimdern das der Diffausgang den Motor berührt.
1/8th truggy 42mm 70-80mm-passt- -passt- Minimum 14 er Motorritzel um zu verhimdern das der Diffausgang den Motor berührt, ein Teil des ESC Halteplatte muss evtl.auf die Größer des Reglers angepasst werden